Aeon Colony

Aeon Colony is a 2 part metaverse, a story driven game and a fully persistent metaverse with $Aeon as the main currency, come and be part of the community today


Come and join the colony

Our space shuttle has orbited the earth since the year 2045. My face is warmed by the light. I can smell wildflowers and see trees all around me. It's just stunning. I'm not trapped in space right now. I have the impression that I am on the surface of the planet. I can't get enough of wondering what life was like down there! on the world we formerly referred to as "home".

  • $Aeon is the main in-game currency for Aeon Colony, A story driven post-apocalyptic metaverse which is run by you!
  • Let your creativity run wild, with custom-building which can be saved as an NFT and traded with other users in the metaverse
  • Become part of an amazing community and help rebuild the earth to what it use to be!

  • A story driven game: Our story line is based very loosely on a popular book, making some of the storyline familiar and also surprising at the same time!
  • A survival game: Play for hours with our unique survival elements, find new materials and craft new buildings to help you and your community survive.
  • Immersive soundtrack: We have a few famous composers and a few indie composers lined up to produce unique soundtracks.
  • Built with Unreal Engine: We will initially be launching the metaverse in UE4, and then moving over to UE5 when this is production ready.

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Aeon contract address: 0x9a8c2c5ce1825ae33ca27b598849744bf8e30fdc

Our tokenonics are simple: a 6% buy tax - and a 12% sell tax.
Tax is split to make the token work and grow, with a percentage going into the liquidity, marketing and also a outsourcing wallet. This allows us to pay for server fee's, development fee's and all other costs related to having an ever expanding metaverse.



  • Incorporation of Aeon company
  • Intergration of API system
  • Rework the whitepaper
  • Small scale indie testing
  • Continue development of the mini-games
  • Small scale testing of the metaverse with holders of $Aeon


  • Marketplace upgrade to V2 (more games/NFT's added)
  • Integration of the API into already released games
  • Steam listings for indie developers
  • Incorporation of Aeon Indie Publishing
  • Continued development of the Metaverse
  • Migration of the mini-games, into alpha metaverse with utility
  • Integration/partnerships with larger companies